Teak Decking Templates

July 26 2015

Templates for new a New Teak Deck

Templates for new a new teak deck are the first step in the teak decking system. Templates of the area of the yacht are needed to accurately prefabricate the teak deck in our facility. There are several methods to accomplish this, Digitize the area and send via email, Mylar sheets or Door skin ( lauan sheets )
 Digitizing the area you will need some equipment that most people will not have and experience using it. It will also then need (cleaning up) to the program after wards. We won't get into this in this article as most won't be sending a digitized drawing. 

 Mylar patterns, Mylar is a plastic sheet material that does not stretch or loose its shape. It can be laid out over a area then cut with a razor knife or pair of scissors. It is ideal for a smaller area like a swim platform or small cockpit as it can then be rolled up and place in a tube for shipping. We don't recommend it for larger areas that require more detail. 

 Door Skin templates are the most common, sheets ripped to 2" wide strips and then using a hot glue gun , glued together to the dimensions of the area to have the new teak decking laid. For this method you will first want to make the perimeter with the strips, we divide the section to fit within a 4ft by 8 ft, crate so a sheet of plywood can be used as the cover.  
At each section where it will be broken up for shipping, place two of the door skin strips side by side tightly.  Once the basic frame work is laid out you can then come back and scribe or tab out to show any details. Also fill in the open areas with long pieces like a grid to provide strength.

 The patterns or templates either in Mylar or Door skin strips will need to have the following information written on them.
- Line up lines between each section
- a arrow pointing forward showing the orientation of each section
- the Boats Name written on each section of the pattern.
- the area of the boat (aft deck , swim , flybridge)
- each section will need to be labeled Port to STBD 
- each section will also need to be marked to its mate, with letters or numbers A to A , B to B etc.
 Photos of the area will need to be taken with the template in place. A over view shot if possible and any detailed areas.

If you'd like any more information place feel free to contact at aaron@idealteak.com and we can walk you through the process.