Esthec Decking for Yachts

Esthec Yacht Decking

At Ideal Teak we have looked at most of the teak decking alternatives on the market. Most of them are cheap plastic and not a product we would like to indorse or work with, Esthec is not one of those ! 

It is a rubbery sheet material that is of very high quality. The decking can be cut in traditional Yacht decking style and look or it is also avail be in several colours and endless design possibilities.

 Being cut from large sheets with a CNC machine allows for any design you would like along with different colour combinations. Although in warmer climates we would recommend staying away from the darker colours.
Installation is done by Vacuum bagging and not recommend for do it your self or by someone with out expertise in the product. 

Please feel free to contact us for information and estimates on Esthec decking.