We can design fabricate and install almost anything you would like for your yacht. Interior floors in teak and holly or any combination of exotic woods are also pre-fabricated in the same manner as exterior yacht decking. Also custom designed tables, cap-rails, covering boards and toe rails are examples of the other products we provide. Complex compass rose patterns and CAD designed sunbursts can be custom fabricated and inlayed into interior floors or exterior decking. With advancements in epoxies, composite and adhesion technics , vacuum bagging is available for fastenless installation of boat decks and other custom designed yacht products.


We also provide OEM decks for production boat manufactures. Our teak decks are made to yacht manufacturers specifications as per model and area for decking. We will keep a template either on file or in solid form for reproduction. This is best for composite boats that are produced in high volume without change to the layout and configuration.  The advantage to yacht manufacturers is a order for a deck can be placed before the yachts construction has begun. We will begin manufacturing the teak deck at the same time as the yacht, so it will be ready on hand for installation.


Interior flooring is also one of the main products we produce. Our interior floors are prefabricated on our lofting floor in the same manner as our exterior yacht decks. Templates sent to out facility or digitized and cut out by CNC. We use teak and maple instead of Holly as it is more readily available and has clearer knot free grain. Other exotic woods can also be used if desired to match the design of the yachts interior. We offer custom interior flooring panels and interior flooring kits ready to install as well as full template and installation services worldwide.


Esthec decking is one of the best teak alternatives on the market. Ideal Teak offers Esthec yacht decks in many colour combinations and seam colour options. Esthec comes in large sheets that are CNC cut with either traditional yacht decking design or any design you'd like as the sheets are uniform. The product is then installed with our vacuum bagging system. It is a great teak decking alternating in garages and tender area or entire yachts as we have done on some recent yacht refits and new builds.

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Flexiteek 2G Synthetic yacht decks 

Ideal Teak offers Flexiteek 2G  synthetic boat decking. Flexiteek is a cost effective alternative to real teak decking ideal for smaller vessels along with tender garages and helipads on larger superyachts. Flexiteek synthetic marine decks are available in several colour options replicating the look and colour pattern of real teak. With a random distressed grain pattern in black, white or grey caulking seams. 

We pre fabricate Flexiteek synthetics teak decks in the same manner as our real teak decks, with templates and off site fabrication.  


Teak decks can wear with age most of the time the caulking will become a little higher than the teak and a light sanding can bring it back flush. At Ideal Teak we use polisher/sanders, Mikita makes a good one used for polishing adding a 8 inch sanding pad to this machine is one of the best for the price. You will also need a smaller orbital sander for the tighter areas.

You should start sanding with the larger sander first and then moving to the smaller one for the areas that are left. At Ideal Teak we recommend starting with 60 grit sand paper and then to 80 grit if you go to a higher grit the decks will become slippery when wet. Always sand with the direction of the planks from aft to forward and back constantly moving over the area, its better to come back and sand a little more than to sand to much. A little hand detailing will be necessary for some areas making sure to sand with the grain of the wood as it will be noticeable if you don't.

Once the area is completely sanded you can look for caulking repairs any caulking that has come loose from the edges of the teak. Start by removing any debris and loose caulking, a razor knife and screw driver work well for cleaning out seams. Once the seams are cleaned wipe them with denatured alcohol or acetone and tape the sides with blue tape so the caulking does not get onto the freshly sanded teak. Caulking the seam and run a putty knife along the seam pressing firmly down as you drag it across. Leave the tape in place over night so that no one steps in it . After removing the tape it may need a light sanding by hand in the direction of the planking.